Building collaborative cultures of care

within NSW mental health services

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Collaborative workforce

All workers support a focus on recovery and collaboration with the person with lived experience, their families, kinship group and carers.

In practice

  • Embracing co-design principles and strategies, such as through multidisciplinary team education days, clinical supervision or action learning, to build competency and ensure services meet the persons' and carers’ needs and expectations.
  • Preparing and supporting staff at the human resources level, from recruitment, orientation, supervision, support, shared training opportunities and exit.
  • Encouraging peer worker and clinician co-production, such as co-writing and co-facilitation of orientation and training packages.
  • Promoting open-dialogue within and across teams, and with with the person with lived experience, their families and carers facilitating better health outcomes.
  • Providing ongoing support after the person with lived experience leave the service to prevent relapse.


Co-design engagement and observation as a consumer resource

Following the release of the Policy Directive PD2017_025 Engagement and Observation in Mental Health Inpatient Units and development of LHD procedure in response, a co-designed project was required to produce resources.

Systems, practices and care planning