Building collaborative cultures of care

within NSW mental health services

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There should be a strong organisational commitment to active collaboration with people with lived experience of mental health issues and caring, families and kinship groups. People with lived experience should be recognised as experts in their own wellbeing and recovery.

True partnerships and collaboration are central to care delivery, evaluation and design.

This is demonstrated by organisational structures, strategies and targets, which are translated into expectations for everyday care, staffing models, reporting criteria and mechanisms.



Collaboration with people with lived experience and caring, families and kinship groups in service design improves:

  • knowledge, skills and job satisfaction of staff
  • accountability of services
  • accessibility, appropriateness and effectiveness of services, and
  • mental health outcomes for people with lived experience.

Standard 2 of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards mandates involvement of people with lived experience in the organisation and strategic processes that guide the planning, design and evaluation of health services.417