Building collaborative cultures of care

within NSW mental health services

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Clinical practice

Leaders facilitate the development of organisational policies and procedures to support collaborative clinical practices within:

  • clinical care review
  • bedside or change of shift handovers
  • clinical assessments, and
  • goal, wellness and safety planning.

In practice

  • Ensuring co-design strategies are embraced among people with lived experience of mental health issues and caring, families and kinship groups and their treating team.
  • Supporting clinical policies in place such as REACH.
  • Performing warm bedside handovers.


Warm handovers and bedside handover

Developed and implemented a trial of bedside clinical handover in two wards to establish collaborative care practices in the unit.


REACH: recognise, engage, act, call, help

REACH is a system that helps patients, their family and carers escalate their concerns with staff about worrying changes in a patient’s condition.

Leadership; Systems, practices and care planning