Building collaborative cultures of care

within NSW mental health services

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Performance indicators and measurement

Performance is measured and reported against key indicators of collaborative cultures in practice as identified by performance agreements and local teams.

  • Indicators of collaborative practices are identified by the LHD, including system for measurement and reporting
  • Seclusion is reviewed, events analysed and trends identified to inform improvement activities (e.g. seclusion rates and duration), and
  • HoNOS measures are used to examine outcomes for people with lived experience and inform improvements.

Mental health service performance measures are reported to the LHD executive, Board and NSW Ministry of Health.

In practice

  • Communicating performance indicators in a timely manner to the services and staff where data were obtained.
  • Providing an opportunity for service users and staff to provide feedback on performance, including service enablers and challenges.
  • Service users and staff collaboratively co-design and co-produce improvements.
  • Services act upon feedback received in a timely manner.