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Introduction of a new engaging model of care

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

Launched The Mental Health Patient Safety Program to improve quality of care provided to consumers.

Service targeted

Mental Health Service, SESLHD

How was the project embedded within practice?

Collaborative program - empowering leadership, staff, consumers and carers from across the service to test and implement processes to improve patient safety, reduce risk to consumers and staff and foster the best possible care experience for all.

Five overarching work streams were identified as service improvement priorities.

  1. Leadership and culture
  2. Safer medicines management
  3. Risk assessment and safety planning
  4. Least restrictive practices
  5. Communication at transitions

Building capacity gradually and infrastructure to support the process, consumer and carer involvement, and using data for improvement are central to improving safety and quality of care.

What worked well?

  • Improved the safety, quality and reliability of healthcare.
  • Improved the consumer, carer and family experience of mental health services.
  • Achieved better outcomes for consumers including reduction of harm in care delivery.
  • Quality improvement capability was developed.