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Co-design rounding

Murrumbidgee Local Health District

Positive culture that is supportive to co-design processes was created through intentional rounding. Peer support worker, multidisciplinary team, unit management and strong governance were included.

Service targeted

Murrumbidgee Mental Health Inpatient Unit, MLHD

How was the project embedded within practice?

  • Intentional rounding included questions on how to improve the environment and staff recognition in the delivery of exceptional care. Questions would change depending on the week. For example, one week the focus would be on the unit ward rules from different perspectives involving carers or clinicians.
  • Consumer and clinician focus groups.
  • Authentic approach that was based on co-design principles to incorporate consumer, carer and clinician ideas.

What worked well?

  • Rounding with purpose, the co-design approach and the review of the ward rules.
  • Learning and sharing culture within the unit was promoted.
  • Clinicians were motivated by consumer stories on the ward.