Chronic pain and brain injury - Physical Activity

It can be hard to get up, keep moving and be active when you have a brain injury and chronic pain. It can be hard to manage your pain when your body does not work the same way it did before. Your movements might be limited, your muscles might not be as strong, or you might not be able to do the activities you used to enjoy. Getting moving and staying active are key to helping you manage your pain.

Use the tips and tools in this section to learn new ways to keep your body active, slowly build your strength and fitness, have fun and keep moving.

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Doing more around your home

Be patient – you might need to break big jobs around the house into smaller chunks

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Getting up and getting ready

Chronic pain can make even the simplest things hard, but learning how to move your body safely can help manage your pain

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Getting back into leisure

Find a physical activity that you enjoy

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Getting out and about

It’s important to be active every day so that your body is ready when you need to do something

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It can be hard to move with chronic pain, but moving a little bit more every day can help build up your strength

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Getting more active

Talk to a health professional about how to build your activity

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