Chronic pain and brain injury - Fatigue

Fatigue is very common after a brain injury and it can make it harder to manage pain. It is normal to be tired sometimes, but fatigue is different. Fatigue is an overall feeling of tiredness, exhaustion, or lack of energy that does not go away, no matter how much sleep or rest you get.

It can impact on your ability to move, function, think, pay attention, and manage your feelings.

Learning ways to recharge and grow your energy levels is key to managing your pain.

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Doing more

Plan some rest breaks in your day to keep your energy levels up

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Noticing your thoughts

Try to focus or think about what you can do now and not on how tired you may feel

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Boom and bust

Often when we feel good we want to do more but it’s better to be consistent over time

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Try to build up your ability to do a little more over time – it might take longer but you will get there

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How to recharge

Take the time to recharge so that you can keep going for longer

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Lifestyle and nutrition

Eating well and taking care of yourself can help give you more energy

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