Chronic pain and brain injury - Depression

Feeling down and depressed is common when you have chronic pain and a brain injury. When you are feeling flat and overwhelmed by your pain, you may stop doing things you enjoy that give you a sense of meaning in your life. You might stop going out, catching up with friends and stay home all the time, which can make your mood and your pain even worse.

It is important to have a plan to breakdown your Depression brick.

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Noticing your thoughts

Try to catch your thoughts – often how you think about pain can make your pain worse

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Changing your thoughts

Be active – making a plan to get things done can help you to feel better

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Common unhelpful thoughts

It’s easy to stuck in old ways of thinking – even just being aware of this can help

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Managing my emotions

Feeling sad or down can make your pain worse – share how you are feeling with a health professional, family or friends

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Cycle of depression

Often making some small changes can help to build to big changes in how you feel over time

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Managing your thoughts

Changing the way you think about pain can make you feel better

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