Getting back into the community

Getting back into the community can be hard after you have a brain injury and chronic pain.

It can be helpful to think about the community ties that you had before. Who were the people that you connected with in your community? Think about whether you able to continue your connection and if these connections remain important to you.

You might want to find a new community group. There are probably many in your area – too many to list here. Think about your interests and search in your local area to find a community group that would work for you. It can be helpful to check with your local council to see the groups in your area.

Support groups

It can also be good to meet people who share your life experiences. This can help you feel supported and connected, and you can help each other to manage your pain and get back on track. It can be helpful to connect with a support group in your local area or online. A support group will help you make sense of your experience and support you to manage your life. You will get ideas from other people about how they have coped with their situation and it can be helpful to see that other people have shared your experiences.

There are a few different options

The three types of support groups are brain injury, chronic pain and general disability.

There are different support groups available in different areas. With help from a family member or carer, you will need to search for one local to you. Use the links below to get started.

Brain injury support groups

Chronic pain support groups

General disability support groups

Take the time now to look at the Getting back in the community guide to work through the My plan for getting back in the community worksheet so you can make a plan to help manage your pain and learn to Be Pain Smart.

Use the links below to download the files