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Pneumonia is in the top 6 leading causes of death in Australia.

It can be either Community Acquired (CAP), aspiration or Hospital Acquired (Nosocomial).

CAP has an overall mortality of 12% for hospitalised patients over 65 years of age and up to 20% if two or more co-morbid diseases are present.

Typical pneumonia classically presents with fevers, purulent sputum, SOB, pleuritic chest pain and an infiltrate on CXR.

Atypical pneumonia has a spectrum of presentations that can include a dry cough, non-respiratory symptoms, particularly GI, and equivocal findings on CXR.

Klebsiella pneumonia has a predilection for the upper lobes.

Pneumonia is a clinical-radiological diagnosis with initial empirical antibiotic therapy part of routine practice.

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