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About the ECI

Who are we?

Welcome to the Emergency Care Institute (ECI). The ECI has been set up under the umbrella of the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) with its primary role being to improve outcomes for patients presenting at hospital emergency departments (ED) across NSW through coordination, networking and research.

The ECI is for all interested parties working in emergency care - clinicians and other stakeholders, working in partnership with consumers. We invite you to be involved as the strength and success of the ECI will depend on clinician and community engagement, informing a truly representative body.

Why are we here?

The ECI is here to work with and support staff involved in the delivery of emergency care, in consultation with consumers and the community, to research, plan and deliver more effective and efficient care leading to better outcomes for patients. We will provide a strong, independent voice for improvement on behalf of staff, patients and NSW communities. We know there is an enormous amount of good work that goes on in different EDs across NSW. Our role is to bring that together and disseminate across the whole of NSW to reduce variation in clinical practice and improve emergency care. We also seek to conduct research and foster innovation, so as to assist EDs to meet upcoming challenges for the future.

Express your interest in becoming involved

Our operating principles

  1. Clear, regular and transparent communication
  2. A collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to working with all stakeholder groups
  3. Driven clinicians and consumer experiences
  4. Outputs to be evidence based and align with best practice
  5. Ensure emergency care is treated as a whole of system responsibility
  6. Efficient allocation of resources
  7. Regular and honest evaluation of our work

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