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Pressure Injury Toolkit For Spinal Cord Injury and Spina Bifida

Beyond the wound - Bringing best practice to the bedside


Key Messages

  • ‘Think beyond the wound’
    • Work collaboratively with other health professionals to investigate the cause AND contributing factors that impact upon wound healing and the success of the management plan.
  • Investigate ALL contributing factors
    • Even if it is not the cause, it is necessary to investigate ALL contributing factors in order to optimise wound healing.
  • Re-assess wound healing regularly
    • Monitor progress and reduce the risk of developing a chronic wound or other complications by using a validated wound assessment tool.
  • Psychosocial impact
    • Monitor the psychosocial impact and other psychological and lifestyle barriers to wound healing.
  • Form a partnership with family and carers
    • For children and adolescents, engage and collaborate with family and carers in the assessment and goal planning process.

Downloadable Form

SAMPLE Wound and Contributing Factors Assessment Form

  • This sample form can be used as a multidisciplinary assessment form to screen for the cause and other factors that may have contributed to the development or delayed healing of a pressure injury.
  • It may be a useful tool to facilitate communication within a multidisciplinary team and provide the client with a clear and consistent plan.
  • The form may be used to provide information when referring the client to a tertiary SCI service.