Delivering innovation that is

We are committed to delivering innovations that are of value for patients and the health system.

Leading Better Value Care

Leading Better Value Care (LBVC) is a statewide program that aims to improve health outcomes and experiences of people with specific conditions.

LBVC initiatives are building on the work we are already doing to add value in every aspect of patient care.

LBVC local stories mockup
  • A collaboration between the NSW Ministry of Health, the ACI, Clinical Excellence Commission, Cancer Institute NSW, local health districts and specialty health networks across NSW to accelerate value-based healthcare in NSW.
  • Evidence-based clinical priorities, organisational models and clinical guidance have been developed for the following clinical areas.

Leading Better Value Care case studies

The ACI published a series of case studies (or vignettes) to illustrate ways health services have locally implemented Leading Better Value Care initiatives. They provide an opportunity to share knowledge and learnings across NSW Health.

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