Responding to health system challenges
with evidence

We use a strong evidence base to inform emerging innovations and evaluate their potential for wider use and system transformation. We’ve worked with our partners to gather evidence and collectively respond to system challenges.

Experiential evidence

Experiential evidence collates the knowledge and expertise that individuals or groups develop from encounters, involvement or practice.

The ACI has gathered experiential evidence to inform several initiatives, including:

Rapid evidence checks

Rapid evidence checks provide a balanced assessment of what is already known about a specific problem or issue.

  • Since March 2020, the Critical Intelligence Unit has conducted more than 120 evidence checks on topics related to COVID-19.
  • 23 rapid evidence checks were developed for our clinical networks to inform the development of clinical practice guides and models of care.



topic-specific COVID-19 evidence checks

Evidence series informs clinical decision making

Our evidence series integrates various evidence types to inform clinical decision making, clinical practice guides and models of care.

Evidence series documents covers
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