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The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged healthcare systems around the world. The ACI has brought together the best clinical expertise with the latest evidence to inform the NSW Health response.

COVID-19 Critical Intelligence Unit

Many of the innovations developed by the CIU have relevance, utility and value beyond COVID-19.

Bringing together clinical, analytic, research and policy experts to provide rapid, evidence-based advice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Since March 2020, the COVID-19 CIU produced more than 1,000 products to support decision-makers across the NSW Government, health system and the community.
  • The CIU web pages have had more than 60,000 visits.
  • Success comes from developing new ways of working with evidence and information that are agile, efficient and responsive.
  • The CIU was a finalist in the 2021 NSW Premier’s Awards.

COVID-19 communities of practice

The ACI is leading 12 of the 30 NSW Health communities of practice (CoPs) established to collaborate, share strategies and provide expert guidance on healthcare during the pandemic.

  • CoPs have drawn on the strength of the ACI’s 40 clinical networks.
  • More than 2,500 network members have contributed to CoP activity.
  • More than 60 rapid, evidence-based resources developed to inform clinical care.
  • New insights gained to inform ways of working, beyond the pandemic.



clinicians and affiliates



evidence-based resources

Pandemic Kindness Movement

Pandemic Kindness Movement website mockup

Developed by clinicians, for clinicians, the Pandemic Kindness Movement is supporting health worker wellbeing during the pandemic.

  • Quick and easy access to endorsed wellbeing resources, all in the one place.
  • Information tailored to individual needs, including resources for Aboriginal health workers.
  • Since May 2020, the web pages have been viewed more than 116,000 times (to Sept 2021).
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