Investing in our

A flexible and agile workforce

The ACI deployed a significant number of staff to vaccination centres, the Public Health Response Branch, the State Health Emergency Operations Centre and the Critical Intelligence Unit to support the system response to COVID-19. This is all while continuing to deliver important initiatives.

Collage of ACI staff redeployed during the COVID-19 surge in NSW
Some of the wonderful team who, as clinicians, were redeployed to COVID-19 vaccination centres this year.

“All staff should be acknowledged for their agility and flexibility to support our COVID-19 response. This has paved the way for the adoption of new ways of working beyond the pandemic.”

Dr Jean-Frederic Levesque, Chief Executive

Celebrating our diversity

The ACI recognises and celebrates its staff from diverse backgrounds. We are proud of our inclusive culture and we are committed to becoming a culturally-competent organisation.

Reconciliation week canoe
ACI staff worked together during the 2020 NAIDOC Week and 2021 National Reconciliation Week to finish weaving a canoe, which was gifted to the ACI’s Aboriginal Chronic Conditions Network in 2018. It is now displayed at our new office at 1 Reserve Road, St Leonards.

Our Rainbow Working Group has developed a work plan that includes:

  • benchmarking and reporting on LGBTIQ+ inclusion
  • staff and leadership training and events for LGBTIQ+ days of significance
  • building connections with LGBTIQ+ networks across the NSW public service.
ACI staff and leaders have undergone LGBTIQ+ awareness training. Merchandise has been provided to help staff show support and create a safe space for LGBTIQ+ community members at the ACI.

Responding to staff feedback

The 2021 People Matter Employee Survey results showed improvements in every question compared to the previous 2019 survey. Key highlights:

  • Employee engagement score of 75; an increase of 10%.
  • Significant improvements in senior manager scores; up 29%.
  • Maintaining very high satisfaction with flexible working.
  • Job purpose and enrichment is at 92%.

Staff development programs

The ACI has developed and implemented programs throughout 2020-2021, designed to attract, develop and retain our talented teams. These include:

  • piloting Flexible Working Guidelines
  • embedding a Reward and Recognition Framework
  • improving our Performance and Talent review system
  • developing a 'Learning pathway' with recommended courses and learning opportunities
  • renewing our onboarding program.
ACI staff and leaders capability framework. Leading self, connecting with others, leading others, innovation and agility, project management, quality and risk.
The ACI staff and leader capability guide highlights six key capabilities that can be broadly applied to the majority of staff working within the organisation.
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