Adopting a pipeline of

We are bringing new opportunities to light by adopting a pipeline of innovation. We have scaled up small, grassroots ideas from local concepts to widespread implementation.

“Supporting projects through the pipeline of innovation requires a fine mix of planned activities and emergent opportunities.”

Dr Jean-Frederic Levesque, Chief Executive, ACI

Developing a life-saving telestroke service

Built on a foundation of pilot work, the NSW Telestroke Service is changing the lives of people living in regional and rural communities, providing access to life-saving, clot-busting treatments they would not otherwise have.

Telestroke has improved health outcomes for more than


stroke patients in regional NSW.

  • The ACI Stroke Network worked with two local health districts in 2017–18 to pilot a telestroke program.
The ACI's Telestroke team
The ACI's Telestroke team.
  • The ACI partnered with eHealth NSW and the Ministry of Health to structure a state-based approach to scaling the service.
  • The $21.7 million investment is being rolled out to 23 sites across NSW over three years.
  • Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour were the first sites to go live in March 2020.

Telestroke patient in regional hospital with remote consultant

  • The service is managed by the Prince of Wales Hospital, based on the ACI Stroke Network Telestroke model of care.
  • Telestroke is now fully implemented and sustained at 16 sites in NSW.
  • Telestroke has improved health outcomes for more than 1,300 stroke patients (as of November 2021).

The ACI have provided exemplary training and capacity building to primary stroke site medical, nursing, allied health, technical and administrative staff. The level of support the ACI has provided is unparalleled.

Professor Ken Butcher, Medical Director, NSW Telestroke Service
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