Enhancing clinical care through
digital enablement

We are partnering across NSW Health to implement integrated digital solutions in healthcare that will build capability and capacity, and improve health outcomes and experiences for patients and health professionals.

“Truly integrated digital enablement provides greater options for care delivery that is patient-centred, both in the modality of care and in the rich data that informs care, clinical improvement and better patient outcomes.”

Dr Jean-Frederic Levesque, Chief Executive, ACI

Accelerating the uptake of virtual care

The ACI continues to partner with key stakeholders to develop the technology and technical expertise needed to increase capability and embed virtual care across the health system.

  • Our Virtual Care team delivered a monthly Virtual Care Exchange Forum for health services in 2022 to showcase their integration of virtual care; the impact on service delivery and patient care; and insights from consumers.
  • The Virtual Care Central SharePoint site for NSW Health workers has had 100,000+ visits.
  • The Virtual Care Exchange Register allows clinicians and service managers to share information on how they use virtual care in service delivery.
  • The Spotlight on virtual care series now features 20 reports and two videos for health staff to learn about existing virtual care models from local health districts and specialty health networks across NSW.
Spotlight on virtual care: Multidisciplinary Feeding Clinic at The Children's Hospital at Westmead
Spotlight on virtual care: Delivering antenatal appointments virtually

Supporting the use of virtual care technology

Our Virtual Care team continued to support local health districts and specialty health networks with the training and education needed to adopt the myVirtualCare (myVC) videoconferencing platform into clinical care. By December 2022:

  • 14,150+ clinicians had provided care using myVC
  • 320,000+ virtual consultations had occurred
  • 101 virtual consultation rooms had been established.

A survey of more than 25,000 consumers who have experienced virtual care and the myVirtual Care platform showed very positive responses.


said the virtual care they received was very good or good


said their health professional explained things in a way they could understand


said their health professional listened carefully to the views and concerns they had


said their virtual care experience was better or the same as an in-person appointment


said they didn’t experience any problems with their connection or technology

myVirtualCare user guide home page
myVirtualCare platform as viewed on a phone

The myVirtualCare user guide is now available in a more user-friendly and accessible digital format.