Investing in our

Celebrating our diversity

The ACI recognises and celebrates its staff from diverse backgrounds. We are proud of our inclusive culture and we are committed to growing as a culturally competent organisation.

Learning to lift the consumer voice

The ACI’s Patient Partner launched The PartnerRing – a safe space for staff to learn how to work with consumers, share learnings and resources. Session highlights for 2022:

  • Introducing the concept of “HEARTSET”, the human qualities of partnership and “Dadirri” (deep listening)
  • Planning and preparing for consumer partnership 101 – the ACI way
  • The power of storytelling for maximum impact
  • “You can’t ask that” diversity panel discussion

Connecting through Aboriginal culture

  • Our Aboriginal Cultural Capability Advocates (ACCA) group is progressing initiatives to improve the experiences of working with Aboriginal communities.
  • We continue to develop processes that align with our Statement of CommitmentFramework for working effectively with Aboriginal People and our Aboriginal Employment Strategy.
  • Muurung Junyirri (meaning ‘make impact’) Yarning Circles were initiated for staff to receive advice and support from Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal co-workers on how to improve access, equity and outcomes for Aboriginal people in the healthcare setting.
  • Three all-staff yarning circles were held, with guest speakers bringing their personal experiences and insights to the discussions. Topics included working with Aboriginal communities, developing Aboriginal Health Impact Statements and Sorry business.
  • Staff were invited to experience Aboriginal history, culture and traditions, by joining a guided walking tour of the local area surrounding our office in St Leonards, and joining Aboriginal painting and basket weaving activities held internally.

Yarning circles give us all the chance to listen and learn with each other in an informal and inspiring space. Building partnership takes time and respect, and these yarning circles reinforce the need to be unhurried in our partnership work with Aboriginal people and communities.

Rob Wilkins, ACI staff member

A supportive and safe space for LGBTIQ+ community members

  • Our Rainbow Working Group led celebrations for staff recognising Pride Month and other dates of significance.
  • ACI staff and leaders have undergone LGBTIQ+ awareness training.
  • Merchandise is provided to help staff show support and create a safe space for the LGBTIQ+ community members at the ACI.

Responding to staff feedback

We had a 100% response rate to our 2022 People Matter Employee Survey. We maintained our comparatively high results when compared with the sector and health cluster in many areas. Key outcomes include:

  • employee engagement remained relatively constant at 71%
  • staff maintained very high satisfaction with risk and innovation at 82%
  • job purpose and enrichment was at 80%.

Flexible working continues to be our most highly rated response from staff at 90%

Staff development programs

The ACI developed and implemented programs throughout 2021–2022, designed to attract, develop and retain our talented teams. These include:

  • consolidating our flexible working team guidelines
  • embedding our new Reward and Recognition Framework and hosting our first ever Staff  Excellence Awards evening in May
  • continuing to offer capability development for our people managers and leaders with a focus on agile minds
  • renewing our onboarding program.

In May 2022, we came together to recognise our collective achievements in a Glitz and Glamour-themed staff awards event. Individuals and teams were recognised for their outstanding contributions to the organisation and advancing healthcare innovation.

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