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Medication Standing Orders

The Nurse Delegated Emergency Care (NDEC) Medication Standing Orders describe procedures for ordering, storing, administering, and supplying (for take-home use) specified medications described in the NDEC model. They may only be used in conjunction with the applicable NDEC Nursing Management Guideline (NMG). The NMGs direct all clinical care provided through NDEC. The Medication Standing Orders include links to the relevant NMG, describing the types of clinical conditions for which they may be used.

The NDEC Medication Standing Orders are authorised across NSW by PD2015_024 Standing Orders for the Supply or Administration of Medication under the NDEC Model.

These Standing Orders are to be used within the framework of the NDEC patient care model. They are not approved for use outside of the NDEC model, even if such use may be covered by other NSW Ministry of Health or LHD specific policy or protocol.

Patient Medication Information Sheets

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