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PRINCIPLE 7: Supportive care environments for older people with confusion

NSW hospitals will provide a supportive care environment for the older person with confusion.

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Key Principles for Improving Healthcare Environments for People with Dementia

The ACI Key Principles for Improving Healthcare Environments for People with Dementia is part of a suite of resources to support the Care of Confused Hospitalised Older Persons (CHOPs) Program.

This document describes the ten Key Principles that define an appropriate physical environment for the care of people with dementia in hospital and describes the use of audit tools to assist with identifying areas for improvement.

Dementia Enabling Environment Project
This Virtual Information Centre provides practical tips, guides and resources to make residential settings more “dementia enabling”. 

Dementia Centre (UK) virtual hospital
The Virtual Hospital is an interactive model of 15 hospital areas, with information on how various features can make a difference for people with dementia.

List of publications

Articles about environmental policies, risk factors and design to support people with delirium in hospitals.