To roll out the solutions that addresses the issues and gaps in the management of the older patients with confusion.

The project team will need to monitor and support staff during this roll-out phase, as well as monitor and measure the success of the implementation solutions.

Top tips for successful implementation include:

  • Encourage and welcome continual feedback from the staff members implementing changes.
  • Be sure to communicate how feedback will be used and ‘close the loop’ to ensure staff members know that their feedback is valuable (e.g. communicating what action was taken as a result of the feedback).
  • Motivate, reassure, encourage and support the staff members.
  • Continue to meet regularly with the project team to hear about how the changes are being received.
  • Continue to communicate to all staff to maintain their awareness and engagement with the changes.


  1. Implement the plan ensuring key project milestones are met
  2. Sequence and implement short term solutions, prioritise and implement longer term solutions
  3. Ensure regular review of implementation against key principles
  4. Ensure continuing support and feedback loops for stakeholders
  5. Update key implementation activities as required