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PRINCIPLE 5: Communication processes to support person centred care

Communication processes and tools will support person-centred care for the older person throughout their hospital journey and at their transfer of care to the community.

Resources and useful links

“Get to know you” systems

Sunflower tool

Use this tool to find out more about the older person including their interests and hobbies. For further information, use this link to access the Sunflower tool.


The TOP 5 approach is designed to engage with carers to gain information that personalises care. It formalises personal information gathered from the carer, which is then available to every member of the team who will interact with the patient, thus improving communication.

This is Me tool

This tool, developed by Alzheimer's Society UK, is used to identify the needs, interests, preferences, likes and dislikes of people with dementia.

Transfer of care

Safe Clinical Handover: A resource for transferring care from General Practice to Hospitals and Hospitals to General Practice

This resource (developed by the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation) is focussed on the transfer between general practice and hospitals, advice and recommendations are relevant to transfer of care between any settings, both within and outside the health sector.