the Blueprint for Improvement

The Blueprint is for everybody in NSW. It emphasises the need for an integrated approach to care whereby relationships between specialist palliative care providers and care providers across all settings of care are fostered. It seeks to enhance networks of support, to build skills and competence in providing care to those approaching and reaching the end of their lives across all care settings and seeks to better support patients, families and carers along the way.

This online resource aims to guide services and Local Health Districts in constructing their own, localised models of care. The website will be dynamic and updated as new resources and evidence develop. It emphasises that everyone can have a role to play in supporting or providing care to people approaching and reaching the end of life.


To ensure that all NSW residents have equitable access to quality care based on assessed need as they approach and reach the end of life.


The principles are the rules, beliefs and ideas that underpin the Blueprint.

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Intended Outcomes

The Intended Outcomes are statements describing the anticipated and desirable results of implementing the Blueprint.

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Essential Components

These essential components should be present in any service committed to the delivery of high quality, patient and family focused care for those who are approaching the end of life.

There may be a number of ways that an essential component can be delivered.

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The local forces or environmental factors that contribute to successfully using this Blueprint.

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