Consumer enablement guide

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Life Contexts

Enablement is influenced by the context, or circumstances, in which people manage their health and wellbeing. These include the key people in their life, their community, their age, and their individual needs.

Aboriginal People and Communities

It is important to recognise and respect the importance of family, community and connection to country for Aboriginal people and communities.


Across the Lifespan

A person’s stage of life can influence their needs, abilities, priorities and attitudes. It can also affect their consent and ability to make decisions about their health.


Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities

Personal attributes such as culture, language, religion, family, education, and social background are determinants of enablement that can positively or negatively affect how well a person can look after their health.


Families, Carers and Guardians

The people in a person’s life, such as their friends, family, carers, community, spiritual leaders and Elders can all influence their motivation, confidence and ability to manage their health and wellbeing.


People with Specific Needs

You may need to modify some strategies and approaches, but there is overwhelming evidence that enablement can improve health outcomes in people with specific needs.