Co-design step-by-step

Is co-design a good fit for me?

If you can answer yes to the following, co-design might be the right approach for you:

  1. Will we value the experiences of people who use and deliver health services equally?
  2. Can we commit to making decisions together with people with lived experience, every step of the way?
  3. Will we value and prioritise cultural diversity in our partnership?

If your team is facing limitations to consumers and staff co-leading every aspect of your project equally, you can still apply approaches and principles of co-design to parts of your work and use alternative partnership approaches elsewhere.


Watch our Introduction to co-design video.

Create a consumer partnership plan to outline an approach that best meets your needs.

How do I do it?

Follow these steps to undertaking a successful co-design project.

Start-up and engage Frame the project problem, build the team and get ready for co-design
Gather Build understanding by learning from lived experience
Understand Make sense of what you have learnt; identifying the key touchpoints and opportunities to improve
Improve Create solutions; test and learn; adapt; implement and evaluate
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