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Figtree Caravan Park Healthy Living Project

This a healthy living project aimed at supporting the residents of the Figtree Caravan Park to better manage their own health and wellbeing. By engaging in exercise and healthy eating programs, the residents were empowered to improve their understanding of healthy eating, the risks associated with smoking and the importance of regular exercise. In addition to participating in cooking classes, walking groups and exercise classes, some of the residents created their own community garden which meant they had easy access to their own fresh herbs and vegetables.


The aim of the project is to engage residents in the self-management of their health and improve access to health services:

  • increase engagement with health services
  • increase levels physical activity and healthy eating
  • improve chronic condition self-management
  • reduce smoking
  • increase use of community based services.


  • Initial health check and needs assessment
  • Negotiation with management of park
  • Advocacy for funds
  • Partnership with Community Centre
  • Outreach worker - eight hours a week
  • Health information sessions
  • Healthy eating and active living initiatives


Better patient outcomes

  • Weekly outreach provided nine health related opportunities of service
  • 60 residents underwent health checks

Early intervention and prevention

  • Improved access to services
  • Increased physical activity and improved diets

Secondary effects

  • Improved social and emotional well being
  • Functional testing results improved


Karen Tavener-Smith
Health Promotion Officer
Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District
Phone: 02 4221 6705