Trauma code crimson pathway

Published: October 2017. Next review: 2023.

‘Code crimson’ is a term that is commonly used by hospital-based teams managing patients with life-threatening haemorrhage that is refractory to resuscitation.

A code crimson activation streamlines patient access to definitive intervention, including an operating theatre or interventional radiology suite.

This clinical guideline standardises the:

  • pre-hospital identification of a trauma code crimson
  • activation of a trauma ’code crimson pathway by pre-hospital medical retrieval teams and the subsequent notification to a receiving trauma centre
  • procedures instituted by trauma centres following activation of a trauma code crimson pathway.

Download the trauma code crimson pathway (PDF 759.3 KB)

Summary pathway (DOC 109.4 KB) – adapt the criteria and flowchart to your local health district.

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