Trauma Nurse Coordinator conference scheme

The Trauma Nurse Coordinator Conference Scheme aims to enhance the professional development of NSW and ACT trauma nurse coordinators (TNC) by providing financial support for trauma-related conference attendance, each year.

Please complete the application form below, noting that the listed conferences are pre-approved as appropriate for the scheme. If the conference you wish to attend is not listed, state the name and date of the event in the 'Other conference' field. Note that any 'other conference' is subject to review by the ITIM Education Committee and approval by the ITIM Manager.


By applying for the Trauma Nurse Coordinator Conference Scheme, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in the TNC conference scheme: Framework and business processes document.

For any further questions please contact the ITIM Manager at

Conference selection
Select conference Please indicate which pre-approved conference you wish to attend. If you wish to attend a different conference, please advise in the 'Other conference' section below.
Please advise of the name and date of your proposed conference. Will be reviewed.
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