Trauma PRMs - survey question sets

The listed documents below are copies of the various survey question sets (extracted from the REDCap platform) that are used as part of the Trauma PRM program.

1. PREMs - Patient experience (1 month only)

2a. PROMs - PROMIS 29 (online survey only)

2b. PROMs - EQ-5D-5L (phone survey only)

3. Pain levels (phone survey only)

4. Return to work or study

5. Health utilisation

Note that the above questions sets may be adjusted based on feedback during the pilot.

Further information

For further information on the Trauma PRMs program please contact:

Trauma PRM Officer
NSW Institute of Trauma and Injury Management
Agency for Clinical Innovation
Phone: 02 9464 4707 (business hours)

Trauma PRMs


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