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Consensus Guideline

Pleural Drains in Adults

Care after removal of a pleural drain

  • Assist patient into a comfortable position
  • Assess patient's condition, including chest auscultation
  • Advise patient to rest quietly for 1 hour or until reviewed
  • Arrange a post removal chest x-ray to be performed within 2- 4 hours and prompt review by MO
  • Review the dressing for signs of air or fluid leakage daily - reinforce dressing with combines as required
  • MO to review post removal chest x-ray and document findings
  • Inspect insertion site for signs of local cutaneous sepsis or continued drainage once per shift. Take down an occlusive dressing after 48 hours to inspect site. Reapply occlusive dressing as required.
  • Remove sutures at 72 hours post removal or as ordered.