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The purpose of the Essentials is to help improve health services to people with intellectual disability in NSW.

This resource will guide health services sector staff and other service providers to better understand and meet the complex and multiple health needs of people with an intellectual disability and their carers.

You can complete the self-assessment tool and determine the areas for action your organisation can focus on, to bring about awareness and change.

Diagram depicting 6 steps of 'The Essentials' process

The case for change

Approximately 1.86% of the Australian population has ID, either as the primary disabling condition or an associated condition. This equates to 328,000 people.

Compared to the general population, people with ID and their carers have a less favourable experience with a healthcare system with poorer health outcomes, shorter life expectancy and higher mortality rates.

By using the Essentials we will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses to implement change in your service to make a better experience for people and their carers.

Case studies

Case studies can provide an insight into how to implement procedures to ensure you are making change in your organisation.