Many resources from Australia and abroad have been developed about the patient centred medical home model. These include websites, reports, research studies, and much more.

Accountable Care Organisation Evidence Check
A review aimed to address the following three questions:
1. What are the purposes and features of existing ACO and Accountable Care Community models?
2. How effective have ACO models been to improve health outcomes and patient experience and to reduce costs of care?
3. What barriers and enablers to successful implementation of ACO models have been identified?

The Patient Centred Medical Home: Background paper
A NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation paper which brings together key writings on Patient Centred Medical Homes (PCMHs) and considers the NSW context.

The Australian Centre for the Medical Home
This Australian Centre for the Medical Home web resource by Dr Tony Lembke provides resources about Australia’s journey into patient centred medical homes.

Health Care Homes: Reform of the primary health care system
This Department of Health (Commonwealth of Australia) website covers Health Care Homes trials commencing July 2017.

WentWest Primary Health Network
This website by the North Coast Primary Health Network provides links to introductory videos, and a transition handbook for general practices.

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
Resources and information from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

Future Practice
Resources and information about general practice by the Australian Medical Association.

Project Integrate
Project Integrate 'aims to gain valuable insights into the leadership, management and delivery of integrated care to support European care systems to respond to the challenges of ageing populations and the rise of people living with long-term chronic conditions'.

Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative
This not-for-profit organisation's website features implementation resources, videos, a mailing list for updates, webinars, upcoming conferences, training resources and much more.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
This United States agency website includes tools and resources for implementing PCMHs, and documents covering their five key domains:

  • comprehensive care
  • patient-centred care
  • coordinated care
  • accessible services
  • quality and safety.

It also contains information on PCMH's three foundational supports:

  • health information technology
  • workforce
  • finance

American College of Physicians
This national organisation's website provides a collection of PCMH resources, including slide decks of introductory information and data from demonstrator sites. It also includes links to key resources from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative and others. The website is also home to the American College of Physicians Practice Advisor, a for-profit program that helps practices transform into PCMHs. Note: this resource is for American practices.

American Academy of Family Physicians
The academy's website includes basic, intermediate and advanced checklists for practice transformation, and informative videos on implementation of PCMH elements.

ACT Center
This website links to a number of journal articles, and to organisations that develop PCMH resources.

Southeast Texas Medical Associates
This website links to a multitude of documents tailored to the Southeast Texas Medical Associates PCMH model. It includes screen shots of their electronic medical record, programs used in their practices, training information, assessment tools, change models and much more.

National Committee for Quality Assurance
This privately-run company provides accreditation for practices in the United States to become official PCMHs. They offer training and tools, although mostly at cost.
Their video outlines what a PCMH is, why a practice should consider becoming one, their 2011 Standards and Recognition Program, and how roles might change in a PCMH.

Mailing lists in the United States

Further reading

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Patient Enrolment in Australian Primary Health Care

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