Pre-hospital and retrieval 

The pre-hospital and retrieval services component of the NSW trauma system is vital to ensure that those that are seriously injured receive optimal assessment and resuscitation at the scene of injury and rapid transport to the nearest appropriate trauma service.

The pre-hospital component of the trauma system consists of the period from the time of injury to arrival at a definitive care trauma hospital.

Entering the trauma system

An injured patient may enter the trauma system in two ways:
  • Non-ambulance arrivals is when the patient arrives at the hospital without engaging the ambulance or other emergency services. For example a patient may arrive at hospital by private transport.
  • An ambulance or helicopter transports a patient to hospital after being assessed and triaged determining which hospital is the most appropriate for their injuries.


Main article: Ambulance Service of NSW

The Ambulance Service of NSW provides the pre-hospital component of care to the injured patient.


Main article: NSW retrieval services

The two specialist medical retrieval services conducting the majority of the trauma retrievals across NSW are:

  • Aeromedical and Medical Retrieval Service (AMRS)
  • Newborn and paediatric Emergency Transport Service (NETS)
These statewide services, in conjunction with regional retrieval services, conduct retrievals by road, helicopter and fixed wing.

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