ITIM research support

What sort of studies are more likely to be supported by ITIM?

Translational studies in the field of trauma and injury (prevention, pre-hospital, hospital and post discharge care) have a high priority. Clinicians are encouraged and supported to undertake research studies.

Priority projects:

  • Translational research evaluating the clinical impact and implementation of novel interventions or models of care in trauma
  • Data linkage projects evaluating care across the patient journey
  • Projects exploring the outcomes of trauma care
  • Studies investigating the experience of trauma care in specific groups (e.g. Indigenous) and vulnerable patient populations (e.g. older patient groups, paediatrics)

How ITIM can support research studies?

ITIM can support researchers in three different ways:

1. Endorsement

  • Providing access to trauma-related networks via introduction to trauma care services or providing an opportunity for attendance to relevant events
  • Introducing the research study and showcasing it on ITIM’s web page
  • Supporting the distribution of the findings of the study within trauma care services and among policy makers
  • Support to follow-up projects or studies

2. In-kind support

  • Endorsement of the research (as detailed above)
  • Providing access to trauma registry data (requires completion of data request form)
  • Providing support to obtain ethics approval for studies
  • Contributing in writing and reviewing reports and peer review publications

3. Financial support

  • Endorsement of the research (as detailed above)
  • Providing funding

Specific support for each individual study will be determined based on the specific needs of each study and ITIM’s priorities. ITIM will provide a formal memorandum of understanding (MoU) to researchers that will indicate the details of the support.

How researchers can obtain ITIM's support for their research study?

To have a research study endorsed for in-kind contribution, researchers should complete the ITIM research proposal. If researchers wish to access ITIM data registry, they need to complete an additional form, as explained and illustrated by the ITIM research process flowchart.

What are the researchers’ obligation when they receive ITIM’s support?

  • Acknowledge ITIM in all written and oral reports, presentations, news broadcasts and peer-reviewed publications.
  • List ITIM member(s) who have contributed to writing and reviewing the publications as co-authors.
  • Provide six-monthly progress reports (for in-kind and financial supports; optional for endorsement supports).
  • Provide a final report, three months from completion of the study and to present the result at an Annual ITIM-sponsored innovations forum.

Ownership of intellectual rights is for authors who receive endorsement; however, if ITIM provides financial support or in-kind support, there will be a mutual ownership. This will be detailed and agreed to in the MoU.

Process and forms

Below are forms and related guides to requesting research support from ITIM:

If your research proposal includes data from the NSW Trauma Registry, please also see the NSW Trauma Registry data request page.


For any enquiries regarding ITIM research support please contact:

Dr Pooria Sarrami
ITIM Research Fellow
Tel: +61 2 9464 4679



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