Intensive Care NSW ECMO project

Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is a modified heart-lung machine that provides lung and/or heart support in patients with extreme organ dysfunction, refractory to conventional support strategies. It is a highly specialised service provided in specialist tertiary intensive care units, where clinicians with expertise in ECMO are available to support the initiation, ongoing management and post- ECMO patient care.

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About the project

ICNSW, with representation from both adult and neonate/paediatric ECMO centres, retrieval services and NSW Ministry of Health, developed this suite of resources to support the delivery of ECMO services in NSW.

They are aimed at informing the NSW Ministry of Health, pillar organisations, Newborn and paediatric Emergency Transport Service (NETS), aeromedical retrieval services, NSW Ambulance, speciality health networks (SHNs) and local health districts (LHDs) to implement world-class care for patients requiring ECMO retrieval.

The documents support the following key principles of high-quality care:

  • support right care, right place, right time
  • maintain a strong workforce
  • communicate effectively
  • integrate system enablers.

We would like to acknowledge the clinical advice and support provided by the ECMO Advisory Paediatric/Neonatal and Adult Groups that assisted us with this project and the ICNSW team.


Linda Williams
Network Manager, Intensive Care NSW
Phone: 0484 264 631