Our vision is that the people of NSW have timely access to quality Intensive care, close to where they live.

Intensive Care NSW has been established to promote the delivery of quality intensive care. We do this through sharing knowledge and ideas, and we provide a foundation for intensive care clinicians to partner with key stakeholders to:

  • support and lead innovation;
  • ensure adequate and efficient intensive care capacity in NSW;
  • assist NSW intensive care clinicians in achieving outcomes important to patients and their families;
  • advocate on behalf of NSW consumers and clinicians.

Intensive Care NSW is a part of the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI).

Did you know that…

  • Over 1 million people are treated as in-patients each year in NSW hospitals.
  • More than 50,000 adult patients are treated in intensive care annually.
  • Intensive Care services determine the acuity of patients that can be safely cared for, the complexity of surgery that the hospital can offer and procedures that can be undertaken at each facility.
  • A broad range of patients rely on access to intensive care, including patients with complex medical and surgical problems, patients who have undergone major surgery, people suffering injuries from trauma, organ transplant recipients and patients with burns.