Simulation for transition: assessment and re-evaluation (SITAR) manual

Published: August 2019. Next review: 2024.

This manual is designed to give clinical teams in NSW ideas for planning a safe move into a new intensive care unit (ICU).

The manual contains background information, an outline of the method to be used and a series of scenarios. The method and cases described should be adapted to suit local ICU function and design.

Download the manual (PDF 2.1 MB)

Simulation for ICU transition: assessment and re-evaluation (SITAR) manual

At a glance

A SITAR project is designed to:

  • maximise staff orientation to the new clinical environment
  • review key aspects of daily practice and workflow
  • mitigate of latent safety threats in both building design and ICU operational structure.

In-situ clinical simulation replicates the day-to-day activities associated with current and projected clinical practice and procedure of the ICU.

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