Green Operating Theatre

Sustainability Quiz

Complete this quiz to gain an understanding of where you are in your sustainability journey.

Based on your responses, ideas will then be provided with actions you can undertake to improve sustainability within your hospital.

Question 1

What size hospital do you work in?

Question 2

Approximately how many operations per quarter are performed in your hospital's perioperative suite?

Question 3

How many operating theatres does your hospital have?

Question 4

Are audits of clinical waste contamination (non-clinical waste) in the clinical waste bins (yellow bag) undertaken at your theatre?

Question 5

Does your theatre use a system that disposes fluid waste into a separate sewer and not into the clinical ‘yellow bag’ waste?

Question 6

How often do you review the content of the equipment packs, to ensure they don’t include items not utilised?

Question 7

Does your theatre recycle?

Question 8

What products does your theatre recycle?

Select all that apply

Question 9

Do you turn off equipment when it is not in use?

Question 10

Are lights switched off in patient areas to promote sleep and reduce light pollution?

Question 11

Do you have a Sustainability Lead in your local health district?

Question 12

Any further feedback or comments?