Tips for buying a ladder

Only purchase Certified Ladders approved by
Australian Standards.

Australian Standard

Consider when purchasing:

  • Size of the ladder required.
  • Maximum load capacity (your weight plus likely equipment).
  • Additional safety features and accessories (such as work platforms, paint bucket hooks, stabilisers and tie-downs).

Personal protective equipment

  • Personal protective equipment should be worn when using a ladder.
  • Wear closed toe shoes that provide grip. Do not wear sandals or thongs.
  • Consider wearing a helmet and/or safety harnesses, epecially when working at heights or when overhead hazards are present.


  • Excessive heat can reduce the strength of a ladder.
  • Acids, alkali solutions, or other corrosive substances can also damage the ladder.
  • Store the ladder in a cool dry place to avoid warping, rust or corrosion.
  • Lubricate metal bearings, locks and pulleys.