Step 3: Develop a consumer partnership plan

A partnership plan should describe how you will partner with consumers.  It should include a strong purpose and objectives; roles, responsibilities and timeframes and a clear articulation of the level/s of participation you are adopting (among other things).

Use a consumer partnership plan template to help plan your consumer partnership strategy for the program/project. This plan can sit alongside (or be incorporated into) a broader project or organisational operational plan.


The plan will act as a roadmap for consumer partnership for the duration of the project/program. Intended as a living document, it can be updated and adjusted at any time. It is useful as evidence for National Standard 2 activity, as well as for any reporting back to organisation boards/governing groups.

Psychological safety

The consumer partnership plan could be made available to the longer-term consumer partners you have. This will help them to understand how their involvement links to the project/program goals and objectives.

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