Step 2: Define your scope and limitations

Partnerships can be impacted by time, stakeholder capacity, funding, staff, and project risks and obstacles. It is important to outline the scope and limitations of your engagement as this will allow for a transparent and achievable partnership process.

Scoping should include identifying factors or decisions that can be influenced by consumers and those that cannot. These should be communicated to consumers so they can understand what they can and can’t influence.


Not only is this the respectful thing to do and in line with NSW Health values, it will also reduce the likelihood of the person/s becoming disengaged or frustrated with the system.

It will also reduce the likelihood of the individual/s attempting to assert their own agendas and steering the activity off course.

Psychological safety

A sense of security is achieved when people are clear about the scope of their role and what they can influence. Uncertainty can lead to stress and then disengagement.

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