Value Based Health Care and PRMs

Internationally, PRMs have been collected for some time; typically for the purposes of research, input into clinical quality registries, and/or quality improvement.

The NSW Health PRMs Program aims to take this approach further by using patient feedback within all levels of the healthcare system:

  • At the point of care (to add value to clinicians and their patients)
  • At the health service level
  • At the health system level


Improve quality of care by informing care planning and management


Identify what’s working well and areas for improvements


Evaluate system outcomes and value

The NSW health system is shifting focus. Traditionally, it measured value in terms of volume or output. Now it is measuring value in terms of:

  1. health outcomes (quality of life and what is important to patients)
  2. patients’ experience of care
  3. efficient and effective care.

The Leading Better Value Care Program seeks to identify and implement opportunities to deliver value-based healthcare to the people of NSW.

The PRMs Program is being rolled out across NSW, with a focus on implementation in health services that are connected to a Value Based Health Care or Integrated Care initiative.

The PRMs Program has supported the implementation of the Leading Better Value Care Strategy 2017 and the NSW Integrated Care Strategy, and enables value-based care across the state.

PRMs delivers on the NSW Health Integrated Care Strategy

Delivering truly integrated care is one of three strategic directions in the NSW State Health PlanTowards 2021. Integrated care is the provision of seamless, effective and efficient care that reflects the whole of a person’s health needs.

The PRMs Program plays a key role in delivering on the NSW Health Integrated Care Strategy. Further information can be accessed via the following links:

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