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High Volume Short Stay

High Volume Short Stay Surgical Units will manage planned surgery/procedures requiring admission up to 72 hours. The HVSSSmodel includes both Day Only and Extended Day Only surgery and is expected to attract patients from surrounding Local Health Districts as well as locally.

The HVSSS Toolkit has been developed to assist Local Health Districts in the implementation of the HVSSS model.

The Surgery Futures - A Plan for Greater Sydney (pdf 761KB) identifies the HVSSS model as integral to the future delivery of surgical services in NSW .  The aim of this model of care is to concentrate suitable planned surgical cases in dedicated high-volume, short stay surgical units.

The HVSSS model builds upon the Surgical Services Taskforce and NSW Health Department’s successful Day Only and Extended Day Only (EDO) model.

There is considerable evidence that this model has a number of benefits including improved access to planned surgical services and improved service efficiency in terms of both operating theatre and bed utilisation. It seeks to extend the range of procedures that are suitable for the short stay environment as models of care and medical technologies make early mobilisation and early discharge not only possible but preferable.

The High Volume Short Stay Surgical model can release additional clinical capacity (including beds, staff and other resources) within tertiary / quaternary surgery centres and provide the opportunity for reinvestment of this additional capacity into emergency and complex service needs. 

Program Contacts

Melinda Pascoe
A/Principal Policy Advisor – Surgery
NSW Ministry of Health
Phone: 02 9391 9557