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Pre Procedure Preparation

All patients require a pre admission review, however not all patients need to attend the Pre Admission Clinic (PAC).

Triage of patients to ascertain whether the patient needs to attend PACcan be safely achieved using pre admission screening tools such as the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ) and Recommendation for Admission Form (RFA).

Pre procedure preparation is primarily concerned with optimising the patients preparation with regard to their medical condition for:

  • Anaesthesia, surgery/procedure and recovery
  • Nursing care
  • Sub speciality and allied health care
  • Discharge planning
  • Ensuring that the expectations of the patient, carer, referring surgeon and anaesthetist are all met.

Pre procedure preparation maximises the efficient coordination and integration of resources.


Download the Perioperative Toolkit

Pre Procedure Preparation Fact Sheet (pdf 956KB)

Program Contacts

Melinda Pascoe
A/Principal Policy Advisor – Surgery
NSW Ministry of Health
Phone: 02 9391 9557