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Rural Innovations Changing Healthcare Forum 2021

The theme for 2021 was ‘Rural Health Bounding Forwards’ to showcase how rural health service providers, consumers and other sectors are embracing hope, strength and connectivity moving forward from the ongoing hardships imposed by drought, bushfires and the pandemic over the last few years. How have we used these experiences to drive meaningful change and create innovative solutions to counteract adversity?

RICH Forum 2021 evaluation


Welcome, Introduction, Housekeeping
Jenny Preece, Rural Health Network, ACI

Length: 15m 11s

Elevating the Human Experience
Jason Boyd, NSW Ministry of Health

Presentation PDF

Length: 48m 43s

Moving Allied Health Services Forward: Innovation in Multidisciplinary Care
Dianne Harvey and Sarah McBurney, WNSWLHD

Presentation PDF

Length:  29m 29s

Enhancing digital inclusion to enhance carer wellbeing in rural NSW
Sarah Judd-Lam; Carers NSW

Presentation PDF

Length: 30m 05s

Developing a bulk billing Indigenous eye care model in Bathurst NSW
Jane Hager, NSW Rural Doctor’s Network and Melissa Mayall, Primary Health Portfolio, Marathon Health

Presentation PDF

Length: 24m 14s

Healthy Eating and Activity Group with local mob
Rachel O’Loughlin, SNSWLHD

Presentation PDF

Length: 21m 23s

Maximising potential for online education and training
Lindsey Skillen-Eifler, NSW Rural Doctor’s Network

Presentation PDF

Length: 29m 36s

Health promotion using digital technologies: Aboriginal engagement
Christine Fing and Kay Smith, Breastscreen NSW (Greater Western)

Presentation PDF

Length: 19m 59s

“Does the rain mean we’re okay?” Supporting Southern NSW LHD early childhood education and care services after the fires
Emma Woolley, SNSWLHD

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Length: 26m 56s

Collaborative planning for primary health services
Sarah Davies, NSW Rural Doctor’s Network and Amelia Haigh, WNSWLHD

Presentation PDF

Length: 37m 05s