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Consensus Guideline

Pleural Drains in Adults

Insertion site dressings

Insertion Site Dressings

  • Observe five moments of hand hygiene within the dressing procedure.
  • Ensure that when applying a pleural catheter insertion site dressing that the tube does not become kinked.
  • Ensure the tubing is anchored to the chest wall or abdomen using an appropriate method (statlock or omentum flap).
  • Change the dressing at least 48 hourly and prn to keep the drain insertion site clean and dry.

Ensure each dressing applied to a pleural drain insertion site is:

  • a key hole dressing /or other dressing that allows easy inspection of the tube exit site from the skin
  • applied with the tube exiting from the centre of the dressing with only a small combine (if necessary) below the tube exit site to cushion the tube away from the patient if required
  • not excessively bulky as this will prevent close observation and access to the drain site.

Insertion site prepared for application of dressing
Figure 9: Insertion site prepared for application of dressing

Insertion site dressing completed
Figure 10: Insertion site dressing completed