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Consensus Guideline

Pleural Drains in Adults


The Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) recognises the unique position of Aboriginal people in the history and culture of NSW. The ACI would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands referred to in this report. We would also like to acknowledge and pay respect to elders of the communities covered in this report.

We would like to express sincere thanks to the large number of people involved in consultations for this project who gave willingly of their time, experience and stories so that this report can truly reflect consensus for safe practice and support clinicians and acute facilities to implement improved care processes for management of adults with a pleural drain.

Special thanks to the Clinical Expert reference group members for their continual support of the project. The commitment and enthusiasm of current and past working and reference group members was integral to each phase of the project.

Members showed a willingness to share their knowledge and skills that was very much appreciated.

Thanks also to the Department Respiratory Medicine, Western Sydney Local Health District for permission to include Pleural Procedures Training Form.

ACI Pleural Procedures Respiratory Clinical Expert Reference Group

  • Cecily Barrack
  • Belinda Cochrane
  • Mary Dunford
  • David Foster
  • Ben Harris
  • Baerin Houghton
  • Ben Kwan
  • Matthew Peters
  • Paul Torzillo
  • Scott Twadell
  • Adriaan Venter
  • Jonathon Williamson
  • Peter Wu

Pleural Drains Specialist Nurses Reference Group

  • Mayrose Chan
  • Cheryl Dickson
  • Mary Dunford
  • Kylie Furness
  • Ann Limpic
  • Pat Lynch
  • Cate McAlary
  • Jocelyn McClean
  • Catherine Reilly
  • Patricia Reynolds