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Consensus Guideline

Pleural Drains in Adults

Pleural drain education for respiratory advanced trainees

Pleural Drain Lung School

A dedicated annual NSW Pleural Drain Lung School supported by the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand NSW Branch commenced in 2015. It is recommended that all first-year respiratory advanced trainees attend this training. Training includes background knowledge, quality assurance and practical sessions covering blunt dissection, Seldinger technique, aspirating a pneumothorax and talc pleurodesis.

Thoracic ultrasound

It is recommended advanced trainees participate in formal thoracic ultrasound training in their first year to attain the skills required to perform real time ultrasound guidance during pleural drain insertion in line with the ACI Pleural drains in adults: a consensus guideline.

Practical aspects of pleural disease for doctors

The Clinical Training and Evaluation Centre, University Western Australia, provides simulated hospital training experience.

E-learning resources

Recommended online resources include:

Workplace clinical skills training

Clinical supervisors provide trainees with incremental and individually tailored knowledge and procedural skills training, plus support opportunities for reflective practice and participation in quality assurance processes.